Spay and Neuter

Austin Urban Vet Center recommends that just about every dog or cat have a spay or neuter surgery. This routine procedure brings a number of health benefits to both male and female pets, such as avoiding cancer, reducing aggressive behaviors, eliminating pyometra (uterine infection), prostate, and testicular cancers, and males and females are less likely to get lost or injured, as it reduces roaming instincts.

In addition, spay and neuter helps combat the issue of pet overpopulation. Each year, millions of cats and dogs end up in shelters and many of them will never find forever homes.

When to Spay or Neuter Your Dog or Cat

We generally recommend all puppies and kittens receive a spay or neuter surgery at six months of age. After your pet's first round of vaccinations, we will discuss a timetable for your pet's surgery. It is always best to spay and neuter sooner, rather than later.

As with any surgery, our team examines each pet prior to their procedure. During the procedure we'll monitor your pet regularly. After surgery, we will update you on your pet's condition. Upon discharge, we will go over follow-up instructions and thoroughly answer any questions or concerns you may have about recovery.

Cute labrador puppy dogs in the arms of veterinary healthcare professional - getting ready for their first vaccine

Keep your dog and cat healthy with SPAY AND NEUTER

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There are several misconceptions about spaying and neutering, including:

  • Weight gain - There is little evidence to support the claim that pets will gain weight after being spayed or neutered. Once your pet has recovered fully from surgery and had their sutures removed, they should return to an active lifestyle and should be on a balanced, age-appropriate diet.
  • Personality - Your pet will not come out with a different personality after their spay or neuter. While the procedure can affect certain behaviors for the better, it does not affect their personality or intelligence.
  • Breeding - While some owners may worry about making a such a permanent decision regarding their pet's ability to reproduce, this common procedure brings a number of health benefits to both male and female pets, in addition to helping combat the issue of pet overpopulation

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