Veterinary Technician, Client Service Coordinator


Born and raised in the great city of Chicago, Elida was an animal lover from a young age. She would drive her non-animal loving parents crazy by bringing home injured and stray animals. In 1998, she was hired at an animal hospital as a veterinary technician and immediately love it. Elida has enjoyed learning a lot about the many different positions and dynamics in the veterinary field throughout the different years, hospitals. and cities.

She enjoys the love she feels taking care of the pets and clients which happens to include a medical and technical aspect to it as well.

Elida shares her home with her cool cats; the chosen shelter kitty Izabella, a sweet and pretty brown tabby, and Milo (who was surrendered by a client who couldn’t care for him). He is a fun and handsome Bengal.

She enjoys many hobbies and can be regularly found exploring the many treasures and adventures of the city.

Elida is happy to be in Austin and to be part of the AUVC family!