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Introducing Librela: A Revolutionary Osteoarthritis Injection for Dogs in Austin

By Austin Urban Vet Center | January 24, 2024

Older pets bring joy and warmth to our lives. However, as they age, they are susceptible to various health conditions, osteoarthritis (OA) being the most common condition. Osteoarthritis is a painful, degenerative joint disease that hinders your dog’s quality of life. Fortunately, recent breakthroughs in veterinary medicine have introduced an innovative injection to Austin Urban…

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16 Signs of Canine Cancer You Need to Know

By Austin Urban Vet Center | June 1, 2023

How to Prevent, Spot, Diagnose and Treat Cancer in Dogs Dogs are endless sources of unconditional love; no one will ever be happier to see you come home than your loyal canine companion. So, if and when you hear the word “cancer” regarding your precious pet, there’s no denying how difficult a moment can be.…

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8 Benefits of Cat Boarding to Ensure Peace of Mind for Your Next Trip

By Austin Urban Vet Center | May 11, 2023

If you’re a cat owner with upcoming travel plans, you might be worried about leaving your feline friend behind. Our cat boarding services ensure that your cat is in good hands while you’re away, giving you peace of mind. Learn more about the benefits of cat boarding and how you can prepare your pet for a successful stay.

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National Pet Day: A List of the Many Mental and Physical Benefits of Pet Ownership

By Austin Urban Vet Center | April 11, 2023

The Mental Health Benefits of Pet Ownership A Look at What Owning a Dog or Cat Can Do for You and Whether You’re Ready to Make the Leap From the pandemic puppy phase to the trend of more and more senior citizens adopting cats and dogs, pets have proven their staying power across nearly all…

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