Practice Manager


Growing up with German Shepherds that worked with her father at the local police department sparked Becky’s love for animals at a young age. Their household was never without a canine companion and eventually opened up to one very special cat as well.

Becky grew up in El Paso, Texas, as the middle child of three girls. She attended the University of Texas at El Paso to study biology before transferring to Texas State University – San Marcos to focus on Animal Science. She started her veterinary journey at King’s Highway Animal Hospital where she worked with not only dogs and cats, but horses, cattle and goats. She fell in love with the Austin area and has been here ever since! After graduation, she began at an Austin clinic where she began working with Dr. Erin. Then in 2009, Dr. Erin was ready to build and grow a new practice in the heart of downtown Austin and asked Becky if she was ready for the challenge which she gladly and graciously accepted.

Becky’s role as Practice Manager has given her many opportunities to educate both clients and employees about veterinary care and about the clinic as a whole. She enjoys attending veterinary conferences, continuing education and being a part of the Austin Veterinary Practice Manager’s Group. She’s been a part of Austin Urban Vet Center since the very beginning, and it’s been thrilling for her to watch it grow. There’s never a boring day in the office!

In her time away from the clinic, Becky enjoys spending time with her husband, Brian, and their 3 kids, Mia and her twin brothers, Evan and Dean. When she’s not snuggling with the pets at the office, her days are filled with family, fun, music and dance parties.