Beth W

Pet Resort Director


Beth loves working in the veterinary world for one simple reason: she absolutely adores pets! Getting up every morning to take care of other people’s furry companions makes her heart smile to no end.

Originally from Houston, Beth has been the go-to person in her family for pet sitting ever since she can remember. She’s even tended a 25-acre ranch home with longhorns, llamas, donkeys, and goats! In 2013, she made the jump to working in the pet care field full-time. When a good friend of hers came to work for Austin Urban Vet Center, she referred Beth to a position at the Upper Paw Pet Resort.

Beth has three dogs of her own. Derby is a rescued pit bull mix who has become one of the sweetest dogs Beth has ever known. Bunny is a pit bull mix puppy who is quite the firecracker, and Kenzey is Beth’s springer spaniel who still acts like a puppy even though she’s going on three years of age.

In her free time, Beth likes to keep up an active lifestyle. For many years, she played roller derby in Houston and Austin. She was even fortunate enough to represent the Houston all-star team in matches around the country!