Nutrition & Weight Management

Obesity is an increasingly common problem among our pet population, and it's an illness that causes a multitude of other health problems. Keeping your pet's weight within a healthy range is vital to giving them the healthiest, happiest, longest life possible.

Diet and exercise are major components to maintaining a healthy weight for your pet. Our veterinarians can work with you and your pet to come up with a nutrition and exercise plan to be sure your pet is at a healthy weight. In addition, we carry a full food retail section, as well as offer online food delivery, for a variety of both brands and accessibility to our clients.

Give us a call at (512) 476-2882 to learn more about pet obesity and how Austin Urban Vet Center can help.


Just food for dogs pet pantry

pet pantry

The mission at JustFoodForDogs to improve the length and quality of life for as many pets as possible—through real food and nutrition—by way of the following core values:

  • Relentlessly Advocating for Pet Health
  • Being Completely Transparent
  • Basing Decisions on Scientific Evidence
  • Driving Change in Our Category
  • Honoring Pet Life Through Support of Rescue Efforts

Our mission and core values are not just a way of doing business—they’re a way of life for all of us at JustFoodForDogs!

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Overweight pets are more common than you think Let us help keep your pet trim


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