Beth B.

Playcare Technician

Although she’d always had an intense passion for animals, Beth never had the opportunity to work with them until she came to Texas in 1996. After her first week in the veterinary world, she knew she’d found her true calling!

Beth grew up in a small town in Arkansas. She worked as a kennel supervisor in another Austin clinic for 11 years. In 2007, Dr. Erin started working at the clinic and asked Beth to join her in opening a state-of-the-art boarding facility. Beth was happy to oblige! She’s worked here at Austin Urban Vet Center since the clinic opened its doors.

At home, Beth has a menagerie of pets. Her dogs include Morgan, a French bulldog; Lonesome, a rescued Australian Cattle Dog; and Tut, a miniature poodle who has braved blindness for most of his life. Beth’s cats are Bones, Forrest, Big O, Rick James, and Jellybean.

Beth enjoys training dogs in her free time. One of the dogs that she trained won three first-place obedience ribbons!

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