The Upper Paw Urban Pet Resort at Austin Urban Vet Center is here to provide your pets with the best care in Austin. We offer dog boarding and cat boarding 365 days a year and doggie daycare Mondays through Fridays.

Whether you’re looking for a place for your dog to hang out while you’re at work or need someone to take of your kitties while you’re out of town, we can accommodate most any need.

Our facility is 100% indoors, complete with an indoor potty park and a large playroom for dogs. We also have a full veterinary team downstairs and a Dirty Dog which offers grooming and self-service dog washing. You are welcome to schedule both vet and grooming appointments to coincide with your pet’s stay.


Upper Paw & Medical Services:

Here at Upper Paw, we have a team of skilled staff members who are both experienced and trained in administering a multitude of medications at no extra cost to our clients. We do ask that all medications be brought in the original bottle scripted out by your vet with current and complete instructions on dosage & administration. If you need a refill of a medication (AUVC clients only) while your pet is staying with us, please let us know at drop off and write it on your Boarding Reservation form and we will make sure that gets taken care of during their stay. If your pet requires medical care during their stay, please let a staff member know and we will provide necessary paperwork and make sure our hospital has availability for the appointment. In the event that your pet requires emergency medical care and/or medication during their stay, our staff will inform clientele and move forward with treatment as is approved by the owner and/or deemed necessary by a doctor. If you have any questions regarding our procedures for medication administration or medical care please contact us at